8 – Standard Single Room

14 – Standard Double Room

6 – Junior Suite Room

1 – Lux Room

Extra bed - 800 rubles.
Accommodation of children aged 0 to 3 years – free of charge.
Accommodation of children aged 3 to 12 year – 600 rubles.

Standard Single Room

Room price

from 2300 RUB 2250 RUB

Room size 16 sq. m
The price includes:

Standard Double Room

Room price

from 3000 RUB 2880 RUB

from 3800 RUB 3600 RUB

Room size 24 sq. m
The price includes:

Junior Suite

Room price

from 3400 RUB 3060 RUB

from 4200 RUB 3740 RUB

from 5000 RUB 4420 RUB

Room size 32 sq. m
The price includes:


Room price

from 4000 RUB 3570 RUB

from 4800 RUB 4250 RUB

from 5600 RUB 4930 RUB

Room size 50 sq. m
The price includes:


Confirmed applications have 2 status:

Guaranteed reservation - if the services are pre-paid.
With guaranteed reservation it was made 100% prepayment cost per stay or 100% prepayment for the first night with subsequent payment for unpaid period of stay during arrival unpaid. The hotel guarantees the provision of accommodation for the duration of the paid period for the reservation which has been made in that way. The room will be reserved for 1 day (until 12:00 a.m. of the next day), irrespective of whether guest arrived. In the case of preservation of booking and no-show, the hotel does not return cash in the amount of cost equal to the 1 night stay in this category of rooms on the confirmed rate.

Non-guaranteed reservation - the application receives this status, if the services are paid for on arrival. If the guest, without informing the administration about the late arrival in advance, does not arrive until 18:00 hours of the current day, the reservation is automatically canceled without prior guest notification. Moreover, guests, who arrive after 18:00 without a notification, will be accommodated in the hotel in case of actual availability at the time of arrival. CHECK-IN hours. Payment.
Check-in time – 14:00 p.m.
Payment for EARLY check-in (before 14:00 p.m.):
• from 12:00 a.m. to 06:00 a.m. – payment of 0.5 days;
• from 06:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. – free.

CHECK-OUT hours.
Check-out time – 12:00 p.m.
At the end of the agreed period the guest must vacate the room. If a guest wants to prolong the stay then a guest must inform the receptionist no later than 2 hours before check-out time. Extending the period of residence in the same issue is possible only in the absence of his confirmed reservation in favor of third parties.
Payment for LATE check-in (after 12:00 p.m.):
• from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. - hourly pay;
• from 6:00 p.m to 12:00 a.m. - the payment of 0.5 days;
• after 12:00 a.m - Payment of 1 night stay.

CHECK-IN - CHECK-OUT on the night tariff. Payment.
If there is a guest without guaranteed reservation, and the arrival time and departure time from the hotel between is 00:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (i.e. in the day of arrival until checkout time) the accommodation must be paid due to the night tariff stay (without breakfast). In this case payment is made, depending on estimated check-out time as follows:
• from 12-00 p.m. to 06-00 p.m. - hourly pay;
• from 18-00 p.m. to 00-00 - the payment of 0.5 days;
• after 12:00 a.m - payment for 2nd next day for the standard tariff.
Hourly extension of stay is possible only upon availability of this category.

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