Welcome to the Hotel 'Don Quixote'

We sincerely happy to welcome you in the "Don Quixote" Hotel. We appreciate your trust in us, and we hope that your stay will be pleasant and comfortable.

About the Hotel

The "Don Quixote" Hotel is located in the historic center of Kazan. This allows our guests to become better acquainted with its most spectacular attractions and main streets.

The hotel name "Don Quixote" is not accidental. Since Don Quixote - is not just a famous protagonist of the book written by Miguel de Cervantes, it is a symbol of the traveler, the eternal adventurer who travels around the world, discovering new places, unusual flavors, bright emotions and unique people.

Don Quixote has always tried to help people, carrying the goodness and justice, he was a master of flukes and coincidences.

The Mission of the "Don Quixote" Hotel –is providing the best service to our guests and giving them individual attention, comfort, calm and refined atmosphere of old Spain. Our team makes every day a step forward in the creation of a small miracle for each guest– a place, after meeting which remain warm, family memories and desire to come here again and share these experiences with his/her friends and family.

In our hotel you can escape from the city and experience all the delights of a good service, you can take a book at the reception and a cup of spicy tea. Resting in a comfy room on the snow-white bed, you will be able to dream, to plunge into the mysterious world of M. Cervantes, to be filled with strength and inspiration for your own achievement. New wave of life will pick you up for your ideas.

In life you can always find a place for feat, rest and good friends. See you!
We will be glad to see you among our regular guests!

Best regards,
Director of the «Don Quixote» Hotel
Nikulina Anna Pavlovna

Burkhan Shakhidi Str., 11/16
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